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Workforce Planning Consulting Services

Workforce Planning Consulting Services

If you're not planning your workforce requirements for 2020 now, then you could be setting your organisation up for failure.

  • Do you know your labour turnover statistics and are you projecting these requirements into 2020?
  • What are your workforce age profiles and how are you adapting your policies, procedures and benefits to attract and retain these skills in the different age brackets?
  • Are you paying a premium for scarce skills? Are you able to project your wage pay curve and plan / budget accordingly?
  • Are you conducting a manpower Impact Analysis of factors which may affect your organisation now or in the future?
  • Are workplace skills plan aligned to future competency gaps as opposed to simply training current needs?
  • Have you conducted a Demand and Supply Analysis and determined the gaps in your manpower strategy?
  • If there is currently a skills shortage, how bad will things get in 5  -  10 years time, and how can you plan accordingly?
  • Are your recruitment, benefits, skills trainers and strategic HR practitioners working from the same strategic plan or are their efforts disconnected?
  • What are the Economist Intelligence Unit predictions for South African in terms of foreign investment and how will this impact on skills shortages?
  • What conclusions / predictions has the Human Sciences Research Council reached on skills shortages amongst different professions?
  • How should your Human Resource policies and procedures be adapted to take into account manpower planning requirements?
  • Will you need to extend your retirement age to retain key skills?
  • How will your future manpower requirements impact on achieving and maintaining your EE and BBBEE targets?

Workinfo.com's new consulting service is designed to help organisations plan for critical changes in their workforce.

Already the UK, Australia, New Zealand, other European countries as well as Arab countries are shopping for talent in South Africa. How bad will it get when over 50% of the USA public sector retires in 5 years time. Where will they go to find critical talent?

Increasingly organisations today are trying to map out the skill sets of their workforce to understand who they have and what they need -- and what external factors may impact on achieving strategic initiatives. What that would tell you is where you need to go.

  • What adaptive devices will you need to retain post retirement employees and what mentoring programmes can you put in place to transfer their skills and knowledge.?
  • Have you conducted an impact analysis of the Race and Gender Age Pyramid and what implications does this hold for your organisation?
  • Are line managers still required to plan in 12 month cycles as opposed to 5 - 10 year business cycles?

Contact us today to project plan a workforce and succession planning initiative for your organisation and gain a competitive advantage in the market place.

The project plan is tailored to your organisation’s needs, providing a full suite of activities including project planning, scenario planning, job roles and skills demand forecasting, workforce demand and supply gap analysis, strategy development, implementation and monitoring.


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